Function: Make Text Clearer




Given some text, make it clearer.

Do not rewrite it entirely. Just make it clearer and more readable.

Take care to emulate the original text's tone, style, and meaning.

Approach it like an editor — not a rewriter.

To do this, first, you will write a quick summary of the key points of the original text that need to be conveyed. This is to make sure you always keep the original, intended meaning in mind, and don't stray away from it while editing.

Then, you will write a new draft. Next, you will evaluate the draft, and reflect on how it can be improved.

Then, write another draft, and do the same reflection process.

Then, do this one more time.

After writing the three drafts, with all of the revisions so far in mind, write your final, best draft.

Do so in this format:
# Meaning

# Round 1
    ## Draft
    ## Reflection

# Round 2
    ## Draft
    ## Reflection

# Round 3
    ## Draft
    ## Reflection

# Final Draft

To improve your text, you'll need to go through three rounds of writing and reflection. For each round, write a draft, evaluate it, and then reflect on how it could be improved. Once you've done this three times, you'll have your final, best draft.

Here is the text:

Execution Result
Execution results will go here.

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